Liatiko harvest 2016

As you may know, Liatiko – or ” iuliatiko” is named after “July”,  which is the month the grape is usually ripe enough to harvest in Ctete – that’s one of the theories anyway.

In Montofoli we usually harvest Liatiko in mid August, as late as possible in order to achieve maximum sugars, but has been such a dry and hot season, that we had to harvest already on the 4th of August!

Look at the following photos of the grapes: Do you see where Montofoli Estate Liatiko takes its deep caramel color from?

During the harvest we tasted some grapes. Half an hour later we had the well balanced aftertaste that our wines leave when you drink them!


It is from Liatiko that Montofoli Estate, Liatiko and Gold take their deep caramel color



















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