Montofoli orange_trees

Making Marmelades-2016

Marmalade season has officially begun!

You should scent the intoxicating aroma that comes out of the pot, it is EVERYWHERE!  Not 5 minutes after it begun boiling, bees started flying into the kitchen, drawn by the orange and lemon flavors… We had to close the windows despite the beautiful day!

The marmalade is amazing this year: the fruits were well ripe when collected, naturally sweet and deliciously aromatic! So we used less sugar than the usual recipe quantity. They were also extremely juicy, so the marmalade is rich in natural jelly along with the fruit skins.

I hope you will have the chance to taste them and give us your feedback!

making montofoli marmelade

Making Montofoli Marmelade – Orange and Lemon

first yellow lemon

first yellow lemon winter 2015-2016

Orange Trees

Orange Trees


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