Montofoli is inextricably connected with the production of sweet wine.  The wines we produce are made exclusively with grapes from the estate.

There are 4 indigenous greek varieties planted in Montofoli: Asyrtiko and Athiri from Santorini, Aidani from Rhodes and Liatiko from Crete.  These varieties do not only thrive in the microclimate of Montofoli, they also serve as a link between the historical character of the estate and its productive capacity since they have produced sweet wine through history.

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Montofoli Estate

In the palate it’s thick and rich, with a strong raisin taste and notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

Montofoli Estate Liatiko

Liatiko is rich in the palate, with a pronounced raisin taste, complemented by the aromas dried figs and plums, sweet spices and coffee. It is sweet and has a long finish.

Montofoli Gold

The charecteristic aromas of raisin, sweet spices, chocolate and coffee are complemented by the more complex aromas of caramelised fruit and toast.

Myrtilos White

Myrtilos was the first bottled wine in Karystos. It is made by Malagouzia grapes from the region, with classic white vinification. It is at its best when it is young and it is delicately flowery and fruity, with a medium body and refreshing acidity. Myrtilos should be served cold, with dishes from the local cuisine, […]

Primaroli Rose

Primaroli is a rose with a very appealing color.  It is made by Merlot and Grenache rouge grapes of the region with the skin contact method. In the palate, it is fruity and light, with good acidity and balance. It is best enjoyed with the full and spicy flavors of lamp chops, strong yellow cheeses […]

Montofoli Chocolate

It is made of fine, 65% cocoa chocolate, lightly flavored with the sweet spices that characterize the wine…

Mariannes Marmalade

Mariannes Maramalade is handmade in small batches from oranges, lemons and bitter oranges exclusively produced in Montofoli.